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    Max Oliva
    Senior Vice President
    (323) 258-5482 | email
    Kyle Tourje
    Senior Structural Assessor
    Anwar Alam
    Senior Structural Engineer
    Ben Reinhart
    Vice President
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  • Alpha Structural

    1638 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041 United States

    About Us

    Having been in business for over 25 years we have garnered a powerful reputation as the “go to” firm for structural repairs and retrofitting. We are authorized to design AND build. All projects, no matter the size, start in our in-house engineering department and flow through the company to our production team. Our award-winning team has over 400 years of combined experience with large multi-story regular and irregular structures. Our experience is what enables our team to design, engineer and retrofit your structure using the most efficient techniques possible. This also provides an extra edge where we can minimize lost construction time due to engineering delays.